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Research Team


Dr. Grunwald served as Major Faculty Advisor of the following Graduate Students:

  • Jiahua Zhou (Ph.D. Dissertation). 2022. Estuary salinity of the Apalachicola Bay in response to a changing climate and hydrologic environmental variables [Co-chair/Co-advisor: Grunwald].

  • John Sydney (M.S. student, non-thesis). 2022. 

  • Christopher M. Clingensmith (Ph.D. Dissertation). 2021. Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for enhanced soil management at local and national scales. 

  • Katsutoshi ("Toshi") Mizuta (Ph.D. Dissertation). 2020. Interfacing pedometrics and econometrics to model the efficiency of soil-ecosystem functions at regional scale. 

  • Carla Gavilan (Ph.D. student). Advised from 8/2012 to 3/2020. Non-dissertation.

  • Renita Kay Wilcox (Ph.D. student). Advised from 6/2014 to 3/2020). 

  • Setyono Hari Adi (Ph.D. Dissertation). 2018. Soil-landscape modeling for agroecological policy development in the developing regions. 

  • C. Wade Ross (Ph.D. Dissertation). 2017. A region-wide analysis of terrestrial carbon cycling across “The Land of Pines”.

  • Yiming Xu (Ph.D. student in Interdisciplinary Ecology Program, SNRE, UF). Advised for 3 1/2 years. 

  • Katsutoshi ("Toshi") Mizuta (M.S. thesis). 2016. New soil index development and integration with econometic theory.

  • Hamza Keskin (M.S. thesis). 2015. Digital soil mapping of soil carbon fractions.

  • Baijing ("Betty") Cao (Ph.D. dissertation). 2015. Soil carbon modeling along ecological, climatic and biotic trajectories at continental scale.

  • Hamza Keskin (M.S. thesis) 2015. Digital soil mapping of carbon fractions. 

  • Pasicha Chaikaew (Ph.D. dissertation) 2014. Assessment of climate regulation, carbon sequestration, and nutrient cycling ecosystem services impacted by multiple stressors.

  • Xiong Xiong (Ph.D. dissertation) 2013. Geo-spatial modeling of soil organic carbon and its uncertainty.

  • Jongsung Kim (Ph.D. dissertation) 2012. Upscaling of soil propertiese across landscapes of South Florida.

  • Kathleen Lockhard (M.S. non-thesis) 2012.

  • Jinseok Hong (Ph.D. dissertation) 2011. Modeling of soil properties in the Santa Fe River Watershed using exhaustive spatial environmental data. [Co-advisor: Grunwald]

  • C. Wade Ross (M.S. thesis) 2011. Spatial-temporal modeling of soil organic carbon across a subtropical region.

  • Gustavo M. Vasques (Ph.D. dissertation) 2009. Spatial and spectral models of soil carbon at multiple scales in Florida.

  • Bernard Fungo (M.S. thesis) 2008. Erosion and land degradation on Luunyu soils in the Lake Victoria Basin, Uganda.

  • Jessica McKay (M.S. thesis) 2008. Utilizing a knowledge-based system to test the transferability of a soil-landscape model in northeastern Vermont.

  • Tiffany Kapner (M.S. thesis) 2007. Spatial relationships between physico-chemical soil properties and vegetative patterns in Everglades Water Conservation Area 1.

  • Rosanna G. Rivero (Ph.D. dissertation) 2006. Development of predictive models of soil phosphorus in Water Conservation Area-2A (Everglades), integrating remote sensing, GIS and geostatistics.

  • Sanjay Lamsal (Ph.D. dissertation) 2006. Development of holistic, quantitative soil-landscape models in north-east Florida.

  • Kathleen McKee (M.S. thesis) 2005. Predicting soil phosphorus storage in historically isolated wetlands within the Lake Okeechobee Priority Basins.

  • Aarthy Sabesan (M.S. thesis) 2004. Geo-spatial assessment of the impact of land cover dynamics and distribution of land resources on soil and water quality in the Santa Fe River Watershed.

Dr. Sabine Grunwald serves as Current Major Faculty Advisor of Graduate Students:

  • Perseveranca ("Perse") D. Mungofa (Ph.D. student) [Co-Advisor]

  • Alejandro Arteaga Garcia (M.S. student)

Discoveries and creativity.png
  • Dr. Xiong Xiong (10/2013 to 8/2014). Project: Rapid carbon assessment across the U.S.

  • Dr. Nichola M. Knox (11/2010 to 11/2011). Projects: Carbon assessment in dependence of environmental and anthropogenic forcings in Florida & the conundrum of validation in ecological modeling

  • Dr. Biao Zhong (5/2010 to 2/2011). Project: Terrestrial Carbon Information System

  • Dr. D. Brenton Myers (8/2008 to 9/2010). Project: Geospatial modeling of soil carbon pools & soil carbon sequestration (FL)

  • Dr. Gustavo M. Vasques (8/2009 to 2/2010). Project: Multi-scale modeling of soil carbon; development of the Terrestrial Carbon Information System (Terra C)

  • Dr. Ho-Young Kwon (11/2006 to 8/2010). Project: Ontology-based simulation of hydrology and phosphorus transport in low-relief farm basins

  • Dr. Deoyani Sarkhot (1/2008 to 4/2009). Project: Assessment of soil carbon storage on a floodplain site in TX using analytical, spectral and geostatistical methods

  • Dr. Gregory L. Bruland (6/2004 to 12/2005). Projects: Geo-temporal modeling of soil nitrogen in the Santa Fe River Watershed; and spatially-explicit modeling of biogeochemical properties in Water Conservation Area 3, Everglades

  • Dr. Ronald Corstanje (10/2004 to 5/2005). Project: Geostatistical modeling of the spatial distribution of biogeochemical soil and environmental properties in subtropical wetlands

  • Dr. Christine Bliss (9/2002 to 12/2005). Projects: Investigate relationships between nitrogen in soils, foliage, throughfall and the atmosphere in Pinus elliottii adjacent to poultry operations that showed incidence of pitch canker; and geo-temporal modeling of soil nitrogen in the Santa Fe River Watershed

  • Dr. Thomas F.A. Bishop (7/2002 to 7/2003). Project: Geo-spatial soil mapping in the Greater Everglades

  • Dr. Tamara A. Shatar (11/2002 – 7/2003). Project: Geo-temporal modeling of soil nitrogen in the Santa Fe River Watershed


Post-Docs Supervised by Grunwald: 

Grunwald's research team engagement:

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