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U.S. Visitors in Grunwald's PLG Lab

  • High school student, Christine Hwang. She participated in the UF Student Science Training Program (6/2014 to 8/2014)

  • Ph.D. student An-Min Wu, Soil Sciences, University of Minnesota (Project: Geospatial analysis and soil carbon modeling in southern MN) (2/2012 and 3/2012)

  • Sabbatical: Dr. Susan Miyasaka, Professor, University of Hawai’i (Spring semester 2012)

  • Post-Doc Cleiton Sequeira, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, NE (Project: Spectral soil carbon models in R) (7/2011).

  • Post-Doc Meryl McDowell, University of Hawai’i (Project: Chemometric modeling of spectral soil data (6/2011)

  • Advised and hosted a group project conducted in Fall 2003 semester by 3 Computer Science and Engineering (CISE) UF students (Vinay Ramasundaram, Syed Iqbal, and Inkwan Yu) to learn about project planning for a computer science project as part of course CEN 6075 Software Specifications

  • Graduate student, Anissa Karim, UF (Project: Development of a spatial sampling design for an ecological study) (Spring semester 2004)

  • Graduate student Brian Weinrich, CISE-UF ( 7/2003 – 1/2004)

  • Graduate student Vijay Mathiyalagan, CISE-UF (1/2002 – 12/2003)

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