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Meditation Group


The interdisciplinary University of Florida (UF) Mindfulness Program aims to (1) infuse mindfulness practices in existing courses and curricula at UF, (2) offer new cross-disciplinary short courses, trainings, retreats, and workshops to the community, (3) serve as a catalyst sparking mindful moments that create a healthy campus culture, (4) foster personal health, well-being and finding purpose, and (5) facilitate mindfulness and mind-body research.

Dr. Sabine Grunwald has served as Director of UF Mindfulness from 5/2015 to present. 

Champions for Change Award

The UF Mindfulness team was awarded the 2016 Champions for Change Award.

This award was provided by the University of Florida Office of Sustainability and the Healthy Gators Coalition, recognizing individuals/groups that have made significant contributions to the UF community in the areas of sustainability and health & well-being.

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