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Open Positions

Graduate Research Assistantship
(M.S. Student)

The goal of this position is to participate in development of AI models (machine learning and deep learning) to assess soil moisture dynamics and soil physical properties across the U.S.  AI models will be coupled with physics-informed water-budget models. Remote sensing data and soil databases will be used in this data-driven project. These models will help address future multi-hazard disasters and extreme weather conditions, such as droughts and severe flooding, impacting farming, soil health, and food security.

The Master student will work with the research project team to develop soil-water models. The incumbent is expected to have strong aptitude and interests in technologies (remote sensing, GIS), data science (soil geodata, satellite data, and environmental data), soil science (dynamic soil physical properties), and modeling (AI and quantitative methods). Skills in programming in Python and R are assets.

Start: Summer semester 2023 (or fall 2023).

More details about the research project at: pdf 

Learn more and apply now: Submit an application to the Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences Department, University of Florida. (with attention to Dr. Sabine Grunwald (email) and Dr. Babaeian (email).

Send us your CV and letter of interest for pre-screening ASAP. 

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