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"Passion and curiosity to learn about yourself, others, and the environment."

"Let us co-create more compassionate work environments."

"Coaching to achieve your highest academic potential."

"We achieve more together realizing the best possible outcomes in research, teaching and learning activities."  

"You matter, we all matter. It's not all about data crunching, running machine algorithms to produce output, and publish or perish." 

Work relations are partnerships — "I see you, I listen, I work in service of your growth and development and the greater good".  

Therapy Session

Sabine Grunwald has received training in ontological life coaching from Integral Leadership and Coaching LLC for ACC certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

She has served as a coach in the UF Success Coach Program to coach students, provided mindfulness training to Wellness Coaches at GatorWell, and serves as personal life coach to students, staff and faculty at UF and people in the community that are interested in personal growth.  

  • Coaching is increasingly offered instead of mentoring in private corporate industry and many organizations. 

  • Coaching offers profound potential in high-stress, high-demand work, high-pressure, high-achievement work environments. 

  • In U.S. higher education, mental health issues (e.g., perceived stress, anxiety, depression), have increased tremendously. Coaching provides trauma-informed and service-oriented support to grow individuals in their personal and professional development. 

Mentoring and Advising: Traditionally in academia mentorship is the influence, guidance, role modeling or direction given by a mentor (e.g., faculty advisor) to a mentee (e.g., student). Generally, the faculty member is viewed as expert advisor often resulting in a top-down hierarchical work relationship. 

Coaching is an equitable partnership between the coach (e.g., faculty member) and the coachee (e.g., student) in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires the coachee to maximize personal and professional potential and achievement of goals. Coaching facilitates to unlock "old ways of knowing" (e.g., how to respond to stresses in an unhealthy way) and find "new healthier ways that enhance well-being, purpose, and meaning". Coaching is not about giving advise by an expert coach; it is about discovery and personal growth.  

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