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Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Cross-cultural and international scientific cooperation is essential as we face global issues of climate change, food security, and environmental restoration. We have much to learn from scientists around the world, and our efforts will be strengthened and more effective when soil scientists are working together. To promote such collaboration and communication in soil science, the Joint Working Group of Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) and Soil Science Society of China (SSSC) is pleased to announce the first scientific meeting jointly sponsored by the two societies.

All are invited to attend the webinar!

Webinar link (registration is required):

Date (U.S. Central Time): February 22, 2023, at 18:30-20:40 PM

Date (China Time): February 23, 2023 at 8:30-10:40 AM

Organizing committee:

James M. Tiedje, Xiaoyuan Yan, Sabine Grunwald, Michael Thompson, Jianwen Zou


The webinar features four invited speakers:

  • Rattan Lal (Former President of SSSA), Distinguished Professor of Soil Science, School of Environment and Natural Resources, The Ohio State University. “Managing soils for adaptation and mitigation of anthropogenic climate change”.

  • .Xiaojuan Feng, Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. “Molecular alterations of soil organic matter in alpine grasslands under warming”.

  • Sabine Grunwald, Professor of Pedometrics, Landscape Analysis, and GIS, Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences Department, University of Florida. “Data- and sensor-driven modeling of soil carbon from local to global scale”.

  • Tida Ge, Professor of Environmental Soil Science and Biogeochemistry, Institute of Plant Virology, Ningbo University. “Dynamics of organic carbon cycling in paddy soil”".

Sabine Grunwald's talk starts at ~!56.52 minutes.

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

Grunwald is included in the Stanford University Ranking list of the World's Top 2% of Scientists (September 2022; DOI:10.17632/btchxktzyw.4). More details about the global database of standardized citation indicators can be found at: The publicly available global database includes top-cited scientists that provides standardized information on citations, h-index, co-authorship adjusted hm-index, citations to papers in different authorship positions and a composite indicator (c-score).

Grunwald also ranked high in the World Scientist and University Rankings 2023 (AD Scientific Index):

  • bsattva66

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

The paper

Grunwald S. 2021. Grand challenges in pedometrics-AI research. Frontiers in Soil Science - Pedometrics, 1, Article 714323, 1–8. doi:10.3389/fsoil.2021.714323 (link)

features new frontiers in pedometrics and soil science AI (artificial intelligence) research.

Here is a short video recording focused on AI in soil and environmental sciences.

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