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Pronouns: she, her, hers

Professor,  Pedometrics, Landscape Analysis and GIS

Soil, Water, and Ecosystem Sciences Department

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA.

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Sabine Grunwald, PhD 

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Research Interests

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Scientific curiosity propels to discover new knowledge! My academic journey has taken me to many beautiful places conducting research in landscapes with diverse soils, climate, terrain, and land use—Florida including the Greater Everglades, Wisconsin, Hawaii, Texas, the continental U.S., India, Brazil, Peru, Australia, and Kenia. 

Global climate change, multi-hazard natural disasters, agricultural and forest management, land use change, wildfires and prescribed fires, anthropogenic forcings and many other drivers impact and change soil-landscapes. Grunwald's research studies focus on the change of soil-ecosystem across a variety of temporal and spatial scales (field to global scale). 

Grunwald's specific research interests: To assess complex soil-environmental interactions, geospatial patterns of soil properties, ecosystem processes, social-cultural-environmental relations, and change in terrestrial and aquatic landscapes. Research has focused on carbon modeling and climate change, soil health and security, integral landscape modeling, ecosystem services assessment, and pedo-econometrics.  


Her research expertise: Carbon modeling, soil carbon sequestration, climate smart agricultural practices, pedometrics, digital soil mapping, soil proximal sensing, remote sensing, geospatial technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) - machine learning and deep learning algorithms, statistical and geostatistical modeling, process-based mechanistic ecosystem and water quality modeling.


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